The death of Snapchat

Snapchat. Long beheld as the social media platform that was going to the big thing after Facebook and Instagram. Many brands attempted to jump on the wagon to attract the new generation of youths on Snapchat, but most were never close to success.

Snapchat was built upon the idea that your followers had to actively look for you before they can find you. Great for privacy and sharing your personal life. Not so great for brands. There are only 2 ways brands could get a following was to either share their Snapchat username on other platforms or to get on the 'Discover' page. 

Plugging another social media platform account on a different platform only can bring you that far. Your audience is the same and there is no organic growth.

 Credits: social@Ogilvy

Credits: social@Ogilvy


Snapchat 'Discover'? Nope, no one cares. Hence the only brands on there are CNN, Buzzfeed and Vice.

I can go on to talk about the features of Snapchat but I'm not here to analyse only the app, but instead to look at its death. It would die by itself if it continued on its path but it didn't have to die a slow painful death. Instagram came along and stopped them in their path. 

The day Instagram launch Stories, the whole world went crazy. I will agree that it was a straight rip off of Snapchat. But that was only the start. Instagram wasn't interested in simply taking the feature from Snapchat, they wanted to crush them. So they made one decision, be everything that Snapchat isn't. 

Many brands already have a large and loyal following on Instagram. The introduction of Stories gave them an easy option, ditch Snapchat and focus on their followers. 

Then there's the combination of Facebook ads with Instagram ads. Now brands can run ads on both platform seamlessly, gain new followers and continue to communicate with their fanbase. Like I siad, everything that Snapchat couldn't do, Instagram made sure that did it. 

Look, it's November 2016 and Instagram hasn't stopped there. They rolled out Live Stories and also allow link to be embedded in stories. You see where this is going? Your audience can now actively engage with your posts and not to mention that it humanises your brand. Although these features are now only for verified users, I am sure many businesses are sitting on the edge of their chairs waiting to get their hands on it. 

It's the 21st century, the lesser work it takes to bring your audience from your content to giving you their money, the more money you will get. Facebook has poured their soul into making this a one-step process. 

Snapchat will be remembered as the result of failing to "always try to put yourself out of business".