Project Tacloban - Post #2 "Announcement"

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It's been a week since I came out with this idea and I have plenty of good news to share. First, of course, is that the project is a go. My flights have been booked and I'm getting the ball rolling on pre-production research.

A big part of help I need now is to speak to some people from all over the world on how they were affected by Haiyan. Maybe your family was affected, you know someone who was affected or you yourself was affected. It doesn't matter if you are a resident of Tacloban or not, if you have a story to share, I'll be more than happy to listen.


I would have many people in the documentary but I'm bound by time and budget. Don't be offended if I don't include your story in the documentary but I guarantee it will help me to produce it.

I'll have the next post up by tonight to share the concept and plan of this documentary.